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     We sell pecan seedlings with covered root and bare root. From an adequate fertilization, our seedlings show rapid development in the field. Our rootstocks are selected based on the vigor of the seed and the grafts taken from our best trees. Contact our team to assist in the construction of your project.


     In order to serve the most demanding markets, we advocate an integrated fruit production system. We combine modern techniques with conservation practices in our orchard, resulting in high productivity and fruits with high almond yield. We have different fruits varieties and sizes, serving the in natura market and industries.


      Discovered in our soil associated with the roots of our pecan’s trees, the Sapucay truffle is a species native to the United States. This truffle is a cousin of the white truffle, which is a delicacy highly valued in haute cuisine occurring in few places in the world. The Sapucay truffle has aromas that refer to notes of chestnut and macadam. Its harvest occurs between the months November and December.

Did you know?

Dried fruits queen!

Dried fruits queen! In addition to being extremely healthy, pecan is the dry fruit that has the highest amount of antioxidants! Known as Queen of dried fruits. Its skin is thin and allows peeling with your own hand, providing the consumption of the fruit in natura and preserving its quality, such as flavor, aroma and nutrients

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